I repair worn out soles and toe caps on any of your favorite rock shoes!  I do not do approach shoes.  Thanks!

Types of Rubber

We stock only the highest quality rubbers for your shoes!

4 mm Vibram XS Edge

5mm Vibram XS Edge

4.2mm FiveTen Stealth C4

Coming Soon SoIll Dark Matter


Half Soles 4mm Vibram XS Edge $40 a pair

Half Soles 5mm Vibram XS Edge $45 a pair

Half Soles 4mm Five Ten Stealth C4 $40 a pair

Full Pad for Downturn shoes that don’t need toe caps $50 a pair

Standard Toecaps $12.50 Each or $25 a pair*

Full rand replacement for TC Pros $35 a pair*

*Rand replacements require Half Sole repair so shoes with holes in the rands will cost $45 for half soles and $25 for toecaps for the pair